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Due to COVID-19, First Step is constantly reviewing policy and procedures in order to maintain health and safety for staff, clients, volunteers, and other community partners.  Therefore, though our volunteer program is operating remotely and on-site at a limited capacity, the program and it’s engagements available can change at any given time.  

In response to COVID-19, we have these temporary policies in place: 

  • Must be 18 years and older to volunteer on-site. For those under 18, please reach out to before applying
  • On-Site volunteers agree to wear masks at all times, maintain social distancing standards, and sign COVID-19 Risk & Liability Waiver and symptom checklist before a shift
  • First Step is not formally accepting group’s for volunteering at this time. Some accommodations and arrangements may be made for groups willing to come in smaller numbers and in shifts. Reach out to to discuss options

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, click here to apply! Please note, all applicants must undergo a background check paid by First Step. Once your application has been reviewed and a background check has been cleared, more opportunities will become visible to your account! If you have concerns with a background check being conducted, please read through our application as we describe our needs, what we are looking for, and our intent and work for anti-racism. 

If you have a particular skill, idea, or resources that you feel could benefit First Step and you don’t see it listed as an opportunity, please do not hesitate to reach out to

To learn more about our individual volunteering program, check out the information listed below:

volunteering options

Generally, volunteers at First Step fall into two categories:

  1. Consistent and/or Direct Service Volunteers.
  2. Project-Based and/or Non-Direct Service Volunteers.

ALL volunteer applicants will need to undergo background checks with First Step. Certain volunteer opportunities may require additional clearance through DHHS, interviews, and completion of our Core Skills Training. 

Out of obligation to the clients we serve and our community stakeholders, we have a rigorous screening process that includes:

  • State of Michigan Criminal Background Check through ICHAT
  • National Criminal Check through Volunteer Select Plus (if applicable)
  • National and State Sex Offender Registry Check 
  • Copy of Valid Driver’s License
  • Copy of Proof of Auto Insurance (for select volunteer assignments)
  • Driving Record Check (for select volunteer assignments)
  • Central Registry Clearance through DHHS/CPS (for consistent or direct service volunteer assignments)

Until volunteers can complete interviews, training, and obtain DHHS clearance, they will be able to sign-up for non-direct service and project-based opportunities. Additionally, Project-Based Volunteers can opt-in to becoming a Consistent or Direct Service Volunteer at anytime. 

consistent or Direct-service VOLUNTEERS 

Consistent or Direct-Service Volunteers are volunteers who could recurring placements and tasks and/or have direct contact with First Step clients and engage with them on an ongoing basis.  We ask that these volunteers make a one year commitment, as the on-boarding and training process can take some time.  For most positions, you must be at least 18 years old.

First Step will provide you with the foundational training you will need to be successful.  You must attend all training dates to be a Consistent and/or Direct Service Volunteer. Dates will be provided as they are made available, but are typically held in January, May, and September over 3 consecutive days (Friday, Saturday & Sunday), 9a to 5p in Wayne. COVID-19 may affect these dates and availability. Currently, the next training is projected to occur in late fall 2020.

project-based VOLUNTEERS 

Project-Based Volunteers are individuals (or groups) that will not interact with clients on an ongoing basis.  These volunteers tend to do work in and around our offices to help improve the spaces, programs, services, or to provide events for the agency.  

This kind of volunteering does not require the complete core skills training and interview process, though it is still encouraged! 


If you would like to volunteer on a consistent basis and with clients directly, keep a look out for our next scheduled Core Skills Training dates. In the meantime, or if you are not interested in Core Skills Training, check out the general on-boarding process below:

  1. To begin volunteering with us, click here to apply! 
  2. Once your application has been submitted, the Volunteer Coordinator will review your application. If there are opportunities available for volunteers who have not yet had background checks cleared, you will be able to see them and sign-up for them! 
  3. After an application is approved, background checks will be conducted and reviewed. 
  4. Once background checks are cleared, the status of your application will go from “in-process” to “approved.” Due to this clearance, more opportunities, if available, should become visible to you!
    • If interested in being apart of our Assault Response Team, Nurturing Program, Front Desk support, or other direct-service and/or consistent opportunities, consider attending our Core Skills Training.
    • Additional screening measures may be required for various placements, lengths of service, or needs.



You must attend all three days. Dates to be determined (predicted to occur Late Fall)

First Step offers a three consecutive day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) trauma-informed training that is mandatory for all consistent volunteers to complete. Each day includes 3 or more different topics that are necessary for working at First Step and with, or for, our clients. Each day is 8 hours long and will make you prepared for whatever role it is you take on as a volunteer at First Step.

All training and orientations take place at First Step’s Karen Wilson Smithbauer Family Center, 4400 Venoy Rd, Wayne, MI 48184

Specialized Training

Some of our volunteer positions require specialized training. Prospective Childcare Volunteers (Nurturing) and Assault Response Advocates are required to attend specialized training. These trainings are embedded to the end of a full day training. Volunteers that are not required to attend the extra training will be dismissed early.