Trainings + Consultation

Trainings are for groups and professionals looking to learn more than just the basics of intimate partner and sexual violence. First Step’s customizable trainings are perfect for small or large audiences from a variety of fields, backgrounds, interests, and needs. This includes health care workers, school or government employees, law enforcement and legal counsel, social workers, students, and more. A downloadable copy of our training catalog is clickable below.

Leaning on the support of our community and experts in their respective fields is especially important when looking to enact social and systems change within companies, organizations, and groups alike. If you are interested in having a First Step representative review your old or new policies and procedures related, but not limited to, employee domestic (DV) or intimate partner violence (IPV), sexual harassments and assault (SA), documentation of IPV/SA in client or employee records, response to IPV/SA disclosures, referral procedures, etc., First Step can help!

To schedule a meeting and discuss options in crafting the perfect training or consultation package for you, email If a topic that you are looking for is not found, special accommodations may be discussed to see how First Step can meet your training needs.

View the First Step Professional Training Catalog


If you are interested in discussing options to schedule, tailor, and/or customize a training or consulting agreement, please include any relevant information and contact us to schedule a meeting at We typically ask for TWO months notice when looking to schedule a training with First Step's Speakers Bureau.


As a non-profit agency, First Step relies on our community’s support. Reimbursement for time, travel, materials, equipment, and other expenses is encouraged and often expected for training and consultation

Donations are always appreciated and another great way to support our mission and allow us to continue providing our services. Nonetheless, First Step is dedicated to serving and informing our community and will do so regardless of a partner’s resources or limitations. 


Visit our other pages to learn about the different types of youth presentations and other types of engagements we have available for request. For information on the Speakers Bureau, visit this this page.