FALL UPDATE (last updated September 2023)

We are not currently accepting Individual Volunteers. Any submissions will be put on our waitlist and contacted as we reopen.

After reading over our volunteer pages. Please fill out our inquiry form at the bottom of the "Individual Volunteering" page to get started.

Why Get Involved?

First Step relies heavily on the kindness and generosity of our volunteers to provide support and assistance to survivors of domestic and sexual violence. The gift of time is precious one, and our teams are trained to help provide that gift.

The mission of First Step’s Volunteer Program is to provide the community with opportunities to support First Step’s mission and increase our ability to deliver services at a higher capacity, standard, and efficiency than they do. First Step’s Volunteer Program aims to be diverse, inclusive, and includes individuals and groups who have a variety of skill sets, trainings, education, and experiences.

Whether it is through working with survivors and their children, gardening, maintenance, event planning, cleaning, organizing, offering advisory, or consulting, all of our volunteers' efforts and time are valuable and appreciated.

First Step volunteers are family!

already a VOLUNTEER?

Sign-up for shifts, check your schedule, update your profile's information, and log your hours all in one place! To access your volunteer portal, visit www.myimpactpage.com or click "login" below.

If you are experiencing any issues, including difficulties logging in, please reach out to the coordinator or your staff liaison. You can also simply reply to any of of the emails you receive about volunteering to get assistance during the next business day.



1. Individually

Individuals looking to support First Step in long-term placements or with short-term activities and projects. This type of volunteering requires background checks and various training.
Learn About Individual Volunteering

2. with my group

Is your group looking for ways to give back? We welcome organized groups of volunteers looking to engage in a one-time volunteering opportunity such as hosting an event, activity, or completing a project all times of the year!
Learn About Group Volunteering

3. Internship

From micro to macro level internships, First Step offers a variety of placements throughout many of our programs. Internships are specifically for those enrolled at an educational institution, providing volunteer time without monetary compensation in exchange for a class credit.
Learn About Interning


  • Review areas of volunteering

    Be sure to review the details included on each of the corresponding pages you are interested in being involved in.

    Each pillar of volunteering has different expectations, requirements, and availability. It is important all those interested in partnering with First Step through any of our volunteering programs understands First Step has the right to decline or dismiss a volunteer at any stage of the process in order to maintain safety, security, and alignment with First Step values, policies, and procedures. We ask all those looking to work with First Step also take the time to review our agency's mission, vision, and values.

  • Indicate you or your groups interest

    Follow the steps on the corresponding volunteer page and reach out to begin scheduling your group's volunteer event, interview, or info session!

  • stay up to date with first step

    Follow us on social media, join our email listserv, or peruse our events and open job positions while you wait to hear back from a First Step representative!