First Step Project Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

Survivor Feedback about Residential Services

“Coming here has changed my life in such a positive way.”

“This was a trying situation, having to come into a shelter with two children, but you guys were great! Also my advocate was great helping me with everything.”

“I am very grateful to be here at First Step and I do not take it for granted. [My advocate] is very professional and helpful. She handles business in a timely manner and is straight forward.”

“Having [my advocate] has helped me out a lot more than I thought it would. I have learned a lot about healthy and unhealthy signs in a relationship. I look forward to our meetings every week.”

“I just want to say how thankful I am for everything you guys have done for me and my daughter. I appreciate you guys very much and I think First Step is an amazing program and I’m very blessed to be a part of it!”

Survivor Feedback about Group Meetings

“I enjoy group because it lets me know that I am not the only one going through the same thing.”

“[My advocates] are outstanding. They deliver information and support in a very meaningful manner. They are always polite and very concerned about members well-being and emotions. Group members are always uplifted and encouraged that they have meaning as individuals and human beings.”

“Group has helped me feel less isolated and not alone. I’m also grateful when I can offer hope to another survivor.”

Sexual Assault Survivor Feedback

“Working with [my advocate] has turned my life around in ways I never thought would happen, in the future I plan on seeking an internship here through my schooling for Social Work. Keep it up!”

“My advocate is a big help and support to me, she’s helping me to feel better and to help me gain a better understanding about what I experienced, as well as teaching me skills to better take care of myself, to heal and gain control of my life. I’m very blessed and thankful to know that I have support, understanding and more resources that can help me move forward.”

Domestic Violence Survivor Feedback

“Since I’ve been seeing [my advocate], at first I was ‘slow’ about absorbing all this information, but caught on quickly and now, almost turning 49 years old, I’ll be graduating from a Medical Assistant course in 4 months. I have come a long way and appreciate all the ‘tools’ and information I have received from her. She is wonderful in every way!”

“You guys have been with me and helping me, now I don’t feel lonely. I feel protected here with you. Thank you.”

“I want to thank each and everybody in the First Step group. I am now beginning to start my new chapter in life. The whole staff here is very pleasant and courteous. Thank you all again. A special thank you to [my advocate]. She is great!!”