First Step Project Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault


First Step welcomes many different types of groups and organizations looking to host group activities with us! Our organization appreciates everyone who wants to spread fun and joy to our clients, directly and indirectly, and ensure we can continue to provide services to those who need it.

Check out our Group Volunteering Catalog to read about different group volunteering ideas to help you find an activity type best fit for your group!

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How to use this catalog

The catalog houses a list of different types of events, projects, or activities your group can engage in! Under each category you will find a short description, with these notations:

*Best for Groups of: We will include our suggested size of the group volunteering. If you have more or less, we may be able to accommodate your request, but for certain activities we do need to be mindful of the size and may have to decline a request if your group is too big or too small.

*Schedule: We will indicate any scheduling restrictions we may have in regard to an activity. For example, this activity could only be available during certain months, like summer, or time of the week like weekends or during typical business hours. “Typical business hours” refer to Monday-Friday, 9a-5p.

*Additional Notes: We will note what First Step typically can provide, special supplies required or suggested to bring, and other important notes or considerations. First Step can never guarantee client involvement or attendance, and does not require or mandate any activities or the presence of clients.

If you'd like to learn more about First Step's comprehensive and voluntary services, and the impact of domestic and sexual violence on individuals and families, please do not hesitate to reach out.


If you are interested in checking the availability of group volunteering at First Step, email It is helpful to include any relevant information like:

  • Group demographics
  • Size and age range
  • Type of volunteering activity you're interested in doing
  • Timeframe you are looking to schedule

Online requests are able to be processed quicker and allow for easier scheduling. However, if you prefer to discuss your group's interest via phone, you can call 734-416-1111 and press 2.

**PLEASE NOTE: We ask for up to 1 months notice to process a request and schedule a group activity. Submission of a request does not guarantee that the request can be fulfilled.

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  • Most of our on-site group volunteering occurs at our Wayne Office (4400 Venoy Rd). Inquire for Plymouth-specific opportunities (44567 Pinetree Dr)
  • Clients range from all different ages, backgrounds, and other identities­­­­­­­­­­­ — being mindful of the diversity of the clients who may engage in your event is very important!
  • We LOVE children! However, we ask that our volunteers be considerate of the responsibilities that come with bringing young children to volunteer engagements.
    • Some activities, like cleaning and maintenance projects, are not fit for young volunteers. Additionally, if your group chooses to volunteer by hosting a client activity, please ensure First Step’s clients, especially the children, are being engaged with, tended to, and getting the attention they deserve.
  • Snacks are always welcome, but if your group is hosting an activity during lunch or dinner time, providing food is expected.
    • This includes events scheduled between 12pm-2pm and 5-7pm. When providing food, we will inform your group of allergy concerns. Supplying at least one meatless option helps us maintain inclusivity.
  • Consider asking what supplies we can provide but expect to bring the majority of what is needed for your event.
    • Inform the First Step representative you are working with what you plan to bring so we can ensure it fits within our policies and guidelines (i.e., no weapons like toy guns or candles). Whatever brought, including gifts or crafts, should include enough for all to take or engage with.
  • We do NOT allow any photos of clients. You may ask staff if they’d like their photo taken and take photos of our group and/or set up, but never with a client in the frame.

    First Step may be looking for some special activities and projects to be fulfilled! If your group is flexible, let us know! Every event is scheduled based off availability and the number of similar activities already being held within the month. Submission of a request does not guarantee we can fulfil it

        Please note that if your group chooses to engage in activity on-site, all volunteers will be asked to sign our "Visitor Agreement Form." This form ensures volunteers are aware of our confidentiality policies, treat others with respect, and remain safe and informed. A copy will be provided upon arrival. 


        Due to the nature and sensitivity of First Step's work, including maintaining safety, compliancy, and to be prepared for each volunteer's visit, First Step will provide the Group's Leader with a link and instructions to create a quick profile before coming to First Step.

        Minors must also bring a guardian-signed consent, which will be provided upon request or indication of a youth's involvement.

        LEARN MORE

        Visit our other pages to learn about the different types engaging with First Step, such as scheduling a presentations and training . For information on the programs available to youth, visit this this page.