First Step loves working with and presenting to children and teens, and does so in a plethora of ways! We enjoy having active discussion, utilizing fun visuals and videos, and other handcrafted activities that hone in on children and teens experiences with dating violence and sexual assault in our modern day society and culture (i.e. through social media, music, movies and television, etc.).

A large part of First Step's mission to end domestic and sexual violence is focused on engaging and educating our youth. Programs presented to children and teens are done so in an age-appropriate manner and are designed to raise awareness and provide information on how our culture, gender roles, and expectations influence dating violence and sexual assault. Youth can also learn about resources, risk reduction strategies, and bystander intervention.

All programs listed can be adjusted to meet the topic and scheduling needs of school and non-school groups. This includes girl and boy scout troops, religious, cultural, and community groups, athletic and hobby teams, etc. If a program or topic that you are looking for is not found below, special accommodations may be discussed to see if First Step has the capacity and are the best fit.


Visit our other pages to learn about other types of presentations and training topics we have available for request. For information the bureau and different types of engagements, visit this this page.


If you are interested in scheduling with First Step's Speakers Bureau, or otherwise requesting First Step representation, please include any relevant information and contact us at communityservices@firststep-mi.org. We encourage at least a month's notice due to the popularity of requests.