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Did you know our volunteer management system, Better Impact, also known as Volunteer Impact, also has a phone app? Download the app and you can sign up for shifts, check your schedule, update your profile's information and log your hours all from your phone!

If you are experiencing any issues, including difficulties logging in, please reach out to the volunteer specialist or your staff liaison. You can also simply reply to any of of the emails you receive about volunteering to get assistance during the next business day.

FAQ - Including How to Log Hours

Important definitions

How do I log my hours?

1. Log-in to your profile
2. Click the “Hours” tab
3. Use the “Recent,” “Active,” and "Inactive" tabs to find the appropriate drop-down option to log your hours under
4. Input the Date and Number of Hours
5. Complete any “Feedback Responses,” if that drop-down requires any for that type of hours
6. Save!

If you are experiencing difficulties and/or are not seeing a drop down you feel is best to use, please do not hesitate to reach out to the program coordinator or your staff liaison! You can also reply to any email sent to you regarding volunteering with First Step and receive a response typically within the next business day. 


  • Always compute hours in 15 minute intervals! Round up to the nearest 15 minutes, if you need.
  • All hours completed on the same day for the same drop down can be submitted in one entry. Any hours completed on different days, even if for the same activity/drop down must be logged separately.
  • You can backlog hours! However, in order to remain compliant and have accurate reports, please log your hours as soon as possible.

What should I be using my profile for?

Individual volunteers and interns are asked to use their profiles to log ANY hours you spend volunteering for First Step.

You also use your profile to update your schedule, sign up or cancel shifts, communicate with your staff liaison, and see what else is going on at First Step!

Having this profile will also give you direct access to additional First Step updates, monthly volunteer newsletters, additional trainings and opportunities to volunteer!

What do you mean by "that I am 'qualified' for?"

At First Step, different volunteering placements and opportunities require different levels of background checks and clearances, trainings, paperwork, etc.

Volunteer Impact will ONLY allow you to sign up for the opportunities available to you based off what YOU are qualified to do at First Step.

If you are interested in learning about how to become more qualified or another volunteer position, reach out to your staff liaison or the program coordinator.

The types and tiers of qualifications is outlined below.

Types of Volunteering Qualifications