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Illuminating Hope with First Step: Sponsor the 2024 You Are the Light Gala

Do you want to take action to increase awareness of domestic and sexual violence? When you support one of the First Step gala sponsorships for the 2024 You Are the Light gala, you’re helping the organization maintain its domestic and sexual violence services in Plymouth, MI.

First Step provides several domestic violence programs and sexual violence programs including a 24-hour helpline, transitional housing, and more. We could not provide these essential services without generous sponsors. Event sponsorship is the perfect opportunity to increase your involvement.


Sponsorship Opportunities Available

We have several First Step gala sponsorships for this special event. Choose from the following levels, all of which benefit your business and guests:

  • The Glimmer level lists your business in several visible places such as the event program and our website.
  • Ultraviolet sponsorship gets you an eighth-of-a-page ad in our program.
  • At the Radiance level, you purchase a quarter-page ad and get recognition during the event.
  • The Illumination upgrades your advertising space to a half-page.
  • Brilliance grants you a full-page ad and featured recognition during the event.
  • With Luminescence sponsorship, we’ll prominently display your full-page ad.
  • At the Beacon of Hope level, you’ll obtain exclusive naming rights for one of the suites in our new Detroit shelter.

The money goes toward all our support services.

Exclusive Benefits for Sponsors

What benefits do you gain from sponsoring the 2024 You Are the Light gala? In addition to supporting an essential cause in the Detroit community, you’re unlocking considerable benefits for your business.

The community regards us highly, and our event boasts impressive attendance from some of the most influential people in the area. Don’t underestimate the brand exposure that comes from having your name in our program, on our website, or in our social media posts. After your sponsorship, you’ll see an increase in demand for your products or services.

The gala also provides one of the best networking opportunities of the year. When you obtain a ticket for the event, you have the chance to speak with the community’s most influential leaders, advocates, and philanthropists.

Success Stories from Sponsored Programs

When you help with one of the First Step gala sponsorships, you’re joining a legacy of change-makers and community impactors. Our previous galas have empowered us to expand our services to include the following:

  • A 24-hour helpline for crisis intervention, safety planning, support, and information for survivors
  • Information and referrals for legal assistance, therapy, healthcare, and more
  • Community education for schools, businesses, religious organizations, law enforcement, and more
  • An emergency shelter to provide a safe haven for survivors and their children, along with access to family advocates
  • Transitional housing with full rental subsidies and additional support
  • Crisis intervention with volunteers available for rapid response 24/7 every day of the year
  • Children’s advocacy and prevention programs

What change will your donation cultivate?

How to Become a Sponsor

Are you passionate about becoming a sponsor for our domestic violence programs and sexual violence programs? We make the process easy.

Visit our website and choose your desired level of sponsorship. If you don’t see one you feel is the right fit for your business, we can customize a level just for you. This ensures a mutually beneficial relationship.

Once you click your sponsorship level, you’ll gain all the details of what you’ll receive. From there, it’s as easy as using our secure payment system to book your spot. Depending on the level you sponsor, you could receive up to 20 tickets!

For more information, or to craft your customized sponsorship level, you can contact Carrie Bozman, our event coordinator.


Join First Step in Lighting the Way Forward

Don’t miss your opportunity to support the First Step gala sponsorships, which fund essential domestic and sexual violence services in Plymouth, MI. Whether you’re an established member of Detroit’s business network or just starting out, with the right sponsorship level, you’ll become a pillar of the community.

Our services make a daily difference in the lives of abuse survivors, and when they’re back on their feet, they’ll remember your name. Don’t underestimate the visibility and connections you’ll gain at the gala.

Purchase your sponsorship online, or talk to a team member by calling (734) 722-6800 today.