First Step Family Tree

First Step Family Tree

If you or a family member were hurt in a domestic violence or sexual abuse crime, where would you turn?

If you’re like most people in our community, you go to First Step.


Because you know you will receive caring and compassionate services by people who are skilled experts in domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and trauma.

You also know that you’ll be treated like a real person, in a safe, compassionate, caring environment, by someone who knows the effects these crimes have on the human spirit; someone who can help you overcome the feelings of fear, physical danger and financial, emotional and cultural barriers that victims of violence face when seeking help.

This holiday season, we would like to thank you for your interest in our mission.  Your donations of time or treasure have helped make First Step a key part of the safety net for victims of violence in southeast Michigan.  We are so grateful to you for helping to create a place where survivors of violence can go for support.

You are helping our dedicated staff and volunteers touch the lives of thousands of survivors each year (14,463 people in 2015).  From a family leaving a violent attack in their home in the middle of the night, to a woman who is scared and alone looking to talk with someone who cares and understands the trauma she has experienced, with your help, First Step is able to be there for you and your loved ones should you need us.  Isn’t that what a healthy family is all about?

We exist to serve you and your loved ones – to provide safety, support, social justice, empowerment, healing and recovery.

Your gift is extremely important because it allows us to provide free services such as shelter, 24-hour helpline services, assault response, counseling, legal information and children’s services. Your gift of $100 or more will help make an immediate impact on urgently needed services in our community.  All donations, large and small will help us be there when a family member, friend or neighbor needs us.

Please fill out the enclosed donation form and return it with your gift today.  You may also choose to donate on First Step’s secure website
( or set up a re-occurring donation.

Our First Step family of survivors, staff, volunteers, board members – everyone here who works to create peaceful families and safe communities – joins me in thanking you for your generous partnership and support.

Please send your gift today.  Along with your donation, we also encourage you to fill out and return the enclosed leaf to indicate your relationship with First Step, which we post on the First Step Family Tree.  We will display a First Step Family Tree listing our supporters in our lobby and on our Facebook page until March of 2016.

The people who come to us for help are counting on your support.

As violence occurs in your community, First Step is committed to being
there – for you, for your loved ones, for every person in our community.
Please help to make this possible with your contribution.

Your donation is working to make peaceful families and
safe communities; right here, right now.

Thank you so much for your help.


Amy Youngquist
CEO,  First Step

View the First Step Family Tree Appeal Letter